Welcome! I first got into bookbinding in October of 2020, I think? I just moved into a new house and effectively dropped out of college due to Covid, so I really wanted something to do besides just sitting around at home all day, y'know?

I've always liked journalling and kept a digital journal via OneNote through high school, but for some reason, I really wanted to start a physical one. Specifically, I really wanted to get an open spine book from Citrus Book Bindery! I thought they were soo cool, but they were, like, $50USD+, even before considering the shipping costs. My cheapskate nature is stronger than my love of stationery, unfortunately...

However, just a while later, I saw a tutorial on YouTube on how to make a Coptic-style book, and it made me realize that I could learn how to make something this awesome, to my exact specifications, for myself!

I hope this site will encourage a similar feeling of excitement in the reader and inspire you to give this hobby a try. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have! As always, here's my guestbook, or you can also contact me via email.

I also have an Etsy and take bookbinding commissions, if you were interested! Inquire at the email address above. ^^


10.18.23 - added a fanbinding i did a while back!

06.19.23 - realized I forgot to change the links to some pictures on the resource page, oopsie! that's been fixed now. also, I added a new coptic binding I made a while ago (back in like January 2023) -- haven't really done any binding in a while...

12.14.22 - added a couple of older projects for posterity

12.09.22 - site created! made this home page, the projects page, and resources page